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Shallow lakes may be a serious source for methane release to the atmosphere. (Photo: Ben Goldsmith).
The annual mean methane emission (divided into diffusion and ebullition) from different experimental treatments within the mesocosm. High and low nutrient levels and then three temperature levels – AMB is ambient temperature, A2 is +2-3ºC and A2+ is +4-5ºC. 
Abundant submerged plants may reduce the methane flux to the atmosphere. (Photo: Ben Goldsmith).

2018.01.23 | Research

Shallow lakes are potential methane factories

Combined nutrients and warming massively increase methane emissions from lakes.

2018.01.12 | News

DKK 120 million for Aarhus University from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Two researchers from Science and Technology have each received DKK 60 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme to establish two new interdisciplinary research centres: one for biomolecular medicine and the other for environment and health.