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News from Technical Sciences

2020.02.27 | Department of Agroecology

Targeted set-aside of agricultural land provides effective reduction of nitrogen load

According to the Ministry of Environment and Food, Denmark should reduce the nitrogen load on coastal areas by 13,000 tonnes per year. Targeted measures will according to researchers from Aarhus University be able to reduce the required amount of Danish agricultural land from 35% of Danish agricultural land to just 23%.

The first three-dimensional structures of the IgE antibody triggering allergic reactions. To the left is shown the experimental data obtained with electron microscopy that were combined to yield the three dimensional structure of IgE itself. To the right is depicted the experimental data and the resulting three dimensional structure for IgE bound to a fragment of the drug candidate Ligelizumab. Illustration: Rasmus K Jensen, AU

2020.02.24 | Faculty of Technical Sciences

Electron microscopy allows scientists to understand the molecular trigger of allergic reactions

An international research team has been able to describe the overall structure of the antibody type IgE, which is the key molecule in allergic diseases. This is a scientific breakthrough which provides important insights into basic mechanisms of allergic reactions and may pave the way for more effective allergy medicine. The new research results…

Jørgen E. Olesen has been officially appointed as the head of the Department of Agroecology. Photo: AU

2020.02.21 | Department of Agroecology

New head of the Department of Agroecology

From 1 March 2020, Jørgen E. Olesen will officially take over as department head at the Department of Agroecology. He has been the acting head of department since September 2019.

Mogens Sandø Lund is the centre director of QGG. He is joining the faculty management team at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. (Photo: Rasmus Rørbæk)

2020.02.20 | Faculty of Technical Sciences

New department-like centre at a genetic crossroads

The interdisciplinary Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics (QGG) is to be expanded, and in future it will have the status of a department-like centre under the new Faculty of Technical Sciences. The centre director, Professor Mogens Sandø Lund, will be joining the faculty management team. The change came into force on 1 January 2020.

Test material during trials where the two ends (left) are slowly pulled in each direction. Using Digital Image Correlation movements are measured optically. The vertical movement of the test piece is thus shown with colored contour lines. Photo: Simon Heide-Jørgensen.

2020.02.19 | Department of Engineering

When less is more: Designer slits make glasslike materials much stronger

By making specially designed slits in Plexiglas, Danish researchers have made it stronger, lighter and more flexible. The new knowledge could be used to make microchips much more durable.

2020.02.20 | Grant

Large increase in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships

The Faculties of Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences account for no fewer than 16 of the 23 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships reaped by Aarhus University in the 2019 round.