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News from Technical Sciences

Technical Sciences is to admit 20% more students to its study programmes 
Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto.

2020.07.29 | Faculty of Technical Sciences

Significant increase in student places offered at Technical Sciences

20 per cent more students will be offered a place at Technical Sciences this year. There are also still vacant places, because the university has increased its capacity in the wake of corona.

Photo: Melissa Yildirim, AU Foto.

2020.07.14 | Department of Engineering, Sustainability

New technology can significantly reduce ammonia and methane emissions from agriculture

A Danish research team has invented a natural additive for livestock manure to reduce emissions of various gases from the manure, for example the greenhouse gas methane.

[Translate to English:] Det danske flyteam foran optællingsflyet: et VulcanAir P-68 Observer med boblevinduer. Under hver optælling bliver der taget forholdsregler ift COVID-19. Fra venstre: Line Kyhn, Signe Sveegaard og Jeppe Dalgaard Balle. (Fotograf: Steffen Kristensen, Bioflight.)
Studieområdet i MiniSCANS II optællingen, der skal estimere bestandsantallet for og udbredelsen af marsvinebestanden i Kattegat, Bælthavet og den vestlige Østersø.

2020.07.16 | Department of Bioscience, DCE

Abundance survey of porpoises in Danish waters well underway

A large count of the porpoise population in the Kattegat, Bælthavet (the belt seas) and the western part of the Baltic Sea is well underway. The survey is known as MiniSCANS II. The objective of the survey is to estimate the abundance and distribution of porpoise in this area.

Photo: Colourbox

2020.07.08 | Department of Agroecology, Sustainability

Carrots can replace synthetic dyes in foods

A number of synthetic dyes in foods are suspected of having unwanted side effects especially for children. For this reason, over the past ten years, the EU has required products containing selected synthetic dyes to have clear warning labels on the packaging. This has resulted in a great demand for natural dyes worldwide. Now researchers from…

The Faculty of Technical Sciences has received 3,032 applications, of which 1,163 were first-choice applications. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2020.07.08 | Faculty of Technical Sciences

Increase in applications for Technical Sciences

As expected, applications to Denmark’s higher education degree programmes have increased this year – this also applies to Aarhus University, which has received 5% more first-choice applications compared to last year. Preliminary figures show that engineering and IT degree programmes have seen the greatest increase.

Professor Brian Vinter. (Photo: SCIENCE at KU)

2020.07.01 | Faculty of Technical Sciences, People

New vice-dean for research for the Faculty of Technical Sciences

Professor Brian Vinter will be the new vice-dean for research from 1. August. He comes from a position at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The new vice-dean comes from a solid background in the intersection between knowledge and industry, and has a good sense of where technological developments are going.