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The research team is trying to avoid long-term rehabilitation by keeping the muscles active with 3D-printed biocompatible electrodes, even if patients remain bed-ridden for weeks. Photo: Colourbox.

2020.04.23 | Department of Engineering, School of Engineering Aarhus University

Electric stockings to help intensive-care patients with coronavirus

Doctors and engineers have together developed an electric stocking to prevent loss of muscle mass in bed-ridden patients. During the coming months, the stocking will be tested on Danish Covid-19 patients at intensive care units in Denmark.

Corneliu Barbu is researching technologies for storing energy from the sun and wind. From now on, he will be representing Aarhus University in the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE). (Photo: Lars Kruse)

2020.04.27 | School of Engineering Aarhus University, Sustainability

AU admitted to European elite energy technology network

With membership of the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE), Aarhus University will play an important role in European efforts to promote the green transition. Membership will also enhance university research into new storage technologies.

(Ill: Colourbox)

2020.04.04 | Department of Environmental Science, News

Link between air pollution and corona mortality in Italy could be possible

The world has been hit hard by coronavirus, and health services and authorities everywhere are struggling to reduce the spread, combat the disease and protect the population. Nevertheless, the pandemic will cost lives throughout the world. An environmental researcher from Aarhus University has studied whether there could be a link between the high…

The autonomous tool carrier Robotti is going into serial production, and AGROINTELLI intends to use digital twins in the production. Photo: AGROINTELLI.

2020.04.01 | Department of Engineering

Digital brains to give SMEs easy access to digital twins

The EU Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon 2020, has granted more than DKK 70 million (EUR 9.4 million) to a new research project to make it easy for small and medium-sized European production companies to benefit from digital twins.

Allan Madsen still frequents the Chemistry Cafeteria. (private photo).
Lu Cao has sent a picture of the houses in which she and her fellow students have come together as a community. (photo Xiangyu Wang)
Lars Juhl Munkholm has just held a PhD defence via an online conference. (private photo).
Jens Raj Kjeldsen and his colleagues are making the most of things with outdoor activities and lots of sanitizer. (private photo).
Marine biologist, Captain Torben Vang would rather be gazing at rolling waves than at the Port of Aarhus from the bridge of Aurora. (private photo).
Jette Feveile Young has put her research activities on ice - literally (private photo).
Teis Boderskov still has work to do at sea. On land, it’s a completely different story. (private photo).

2020.04.02 | Faculty of Technical Sciences

Life with lockdown

Working and studying has been different in just as many ways as there are employees and students, and together, each in their own way, they are keeping the wheels of Tech running. Separately. Meet some of them here.