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Examples of research at Technical Sciences

The strong research environments at Technical Sciences are nationally and internationally recognised for providing research of the highest quality. This research is supported by research funding from public and private foundations for the most talented researchers and the best and most visionary research projects.

We have collated a number of examples of research projects, research centres and other major research initiatives at units under Technical Sciences.


Subject area: Ecoscience

Purpose: To mass-produce worms with omega-3 fatty acids for fish feed in a sustainable way

Researcher: Senior researcher Stine Slotsbo


Subject area: Engineering.

Purpose: Recycling of phosphorus and carbon resources in waste.

Researcher: Assistant professor Patrick Biller.

Supported by: European Research Council.

Partners: Department of Engineering.


Subject area: Engineering.

Purpose: To develop a demonstration facility that can produce pure green methanol.

Researcher: Professor Lars Ottosen.

Supported by: Energy Technology Development and Demonstation Program (EUDP).

Partners: Haldor Topsøe, Department of Engineering, DTU, Aalborg University.


Subject area: Environment, climate and energy.

Purpose: To investigate, analyze and document the consequences of the climate changes.

Researcher: Professor Torben Røjle Christensen.

Partners: Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) and INTERACT.


Subject area: Environmental science, public health and economy.

Purpose: To find a link between environment, social life and health.

Researchers: Professor Clive Sabel, professor Torben Sigsgaard, professor Carsten Bøcker Pedersen and professor Ole Hertel.

Supported by: Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Partners: Department of Environmental Science, Department of Public Health and Department of Economy. 


Subject area: Engineer.

Purpose: Invention of machine to sort soft and hard plast.

Reseachers: Bachelor of engineering students Emil Buur Trads and Rasmus Dall Nielsen.

Partners: Aarhus University School of Engineering.


Subject area: Engineering.

Purpose: To research the method ear-EEG for measuring brain activities.

Researcher: Professor Preben Kidmose.

Supported by: William Demant Fonden, UNEEG medical and WS Audiology.

Partners: The research group Bioelectrical Instrumentation and Signal Processing, Department of Engineering.