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Bachelor’s degree programmes at Technical Sciences

Technical Sciences provides the Bachelor's degree programme in Agrobiology (link in Danish only).

A Bachelor's degree programme has a duration of three years. Most students with a Bachelor's degree in Agrobiology continue on one of the faculty's two-year Master's degree programmes within Agrobiology and food: Agrobiology, Agro-Environmental Management and Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology.

Besides Agrobiology, Technical Sciences provides Bachelor's degree programmes in engineering (MSc in Engineering). These can be found under 'MSc in Engineering (Bachelor's)' in the menu.  

Agrobiology Agrobiologists typically work as consultants in agriculture and food, with research and product development, as teachers, or in public administration. Many students connect with the business community during their studies through company projects or student jobs. Meet Helle who works at Aarstiderne.