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Lists of experts in the technical sciences

Are you looking for experts who can answer your technical questions? For researchers with an expertise in agroecology, ecoscience or animal science? If so, Faculty of Technical Sciences at Aarhus University can help you establish contact with experts in the technical sciences.

Our researchers can help if you seek information about the more general areas of research such as agroecology, ecoscience, and animal science. They can also provide information based on their own field of research relating to specific issues, like climate change, weeds, modelling, biodiversity, behavior, and welfare.

Find the expert you are looking for via the categories below. These categories function as shortcuts and with just a mere click, you will be redirected to that respective expert list.

NB: The lists of experts are under development, which is why not all areas of expertise are available at the current moment. The press contact of the faculty can help if you have any questions regarding this page.

List of Experts

[Under development]