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Strategy for Technical Sciences

The Tech strategy 2025 is setting the direction of our faculty. With the ambition and four focal points the intention is to guide the faculty, departments, centres, staff, students and alumni as we further Tech´s evolution as a nationally and internationally recognized research intensive faculty.

The Tech strategy is aligned with the AU strategy and thereby ensuring a coherent strategic direction.

Strategic milestones

The ambition is to be a collaborative and solution driven faculty creating green and digital impact. The four focal points are the pathways to reach the ambition:

  • 1. Prioritizing and developing new partnerships and other collaborations
  • 2. Recognised research, entrepreneurship and policy advice
  • 3. Meeting our students where they are
  • 4. Joint responsibility for openness, collaboration, co-ordination and development with trust and respect for each other

The Tech strategy will aid Aarhus University in meeting its vision to be a research-intensive university that aspires to the highest international quality and excels in creating value through knowledge, new insights and collaboration, in addition to facilitating connections between Denmark
and the world.