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2020.08.07 |

Fast & furious: Autonomous drone racing raises the bar for artificial intelligence

Today, drones can autonomously carry out various tasks with zero or minimum involvement by human operators. However, they need to fly as slow as possible to sense their environment and plan future actions. But what if drones need to fly fast like in a manual drone race where speed, agility, and…

2020.07.29 |

Significant increase in student places offered at Technical Sciences

20 per cent more students will be offered a place at Technical Sciences this year. There are also still vacant places, because the university has increased its capacity in the wake of corona.

2020.07.14 |

New technology can significantly reduce ammonia and methane emissions from agriculture

A Danish research team has invented a natural additive for livestock manure to reduce emissions of various gases from the manure, for example the greenhouse gas methane.


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