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Increase in applications for Technical Sciences

As expected, applications to Denmark’s higher education degree programmes have increased this year – this also applies to Aarhus University, which has received 5% more first-choice applications compared to last year. Preliminary figures show that engineering and IT degree programmes have seen the greatest increase.

The final deadline for applications to Denmark’s higher education programmes was 12:00 on 5 July. It was expected that more young people would apply this year due to coronavirus. 

This trend is reflected in the number of applicants to Aarhus University. Preliminary figures show that 10,158 applicants selected a degree programme at Aarhus University as their first choice - 5% more than last year.

Biggest increase in Nat and Tech programmes

At Aarhus University, the largest increase can be found at the technical and natural science programmes. The engineering degree programmes have experienced an overall increase of 12% among first-priority applicants, while the university's IT programmes have seen a 25% increase.

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
    The Faculty of Natural Sciences has received 2,642 applications, of which 917 were first-choice applications. The greatest increase can be seen in the Computer Science, Data Science, IT Product Development as well as Mathematics and Mathematics-Economics programmes.

  • Faculty of Technical Sciences
    The Faculty of Technical Sciences has received 3,032 applications, of which 1,163 were first-choice applications. The increase can be seen across the majority of engineering degree programmes – particularly the Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Technology, Chemistry and Food Technology, Construction and Electronics programmes. Furthermore, the new Mechanical Engineering programme has gotten off to a good start.

10,144 in total have applied for a degree programme at Aarhus University in 2020.