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Welcome to two new faculties

1 January 2020 marks the start of two new faculties at Aarhus University. From this date, Aarhus University will consist of five faculties in total, when the faculty of Science and Technology is divided into the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

On 1 January 2020, two new faculties will be established at AU: the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences encompasses the classical natural science fields of biology, physics and astronomy, chemistry, geology, mathematics, computer science, molecular biology and nanoscience.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences will have primary activities in the fields of engineering, agroecology, food, animal science, biology and environmental science. The faculty will also be responsible for public sector consultancy, including under contracts with the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

A new dean has been chosen for the latter faculty. The new dean will be Eskild Holm Nielsen, MSc in Engineering, and he will start in the new year. (https://newsroom.au.dk/nyheder/vis/artikel/dekan-for-faculty-of-technical-sciences-paa-aarhus-universitet/)

A dean has yet to be appointed for the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The acting dean, Lars Henrik Andersen, will continue until the new dean has been found.

Faculty of Technical Sciences:

Department of Agroecology
Department of Bioscience (activities in Roskilde, Kalø and Silkeborg)
Department of Animal Science
Department of Environmental Science
Department of Food Science
Department of Engineering
Aarhus University School of Engineering
DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture 
DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy 

Faculty of Natural Sciences:
Department of Biology (Aarhus Campus)
Department of Computer Science 
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Department of Geoscience
Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO)
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

The administrative centre will continue servicing both faculties.

 The graduate school will be split in 2020 so that each faculty has its own graduate school.


The University board approved the division of Science and Technology at a board meeting on 7 June, following an initiative from Rector Brian Bech Nielsen. On this basis, it was possible to initiate the process and start work on the formal division of the faculty with the overall objective to strengthen academic focus and reduce management challenges. 2020 will be a transitional year while the organisational changes are implemented.