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2021.07.26 |

Plant genetics teaches us about spelt and old beer

A wheat mutant found by a stroke of luck and grain preserved since ancient times helps us learn about the past and provides opportunities to create new knowledge for the future.

2021.07.15 |

New professor on the data surge: It will only get worse

Daniel Lucani Rötter is a new professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Aarhus University. He conducts research into how we can solve some of the internet's biggest Gordian knots.

2021.07.16 |

Researchers want to improve the quality of plant drinks

The demand for plant drinks is growing, but how is the quality of their proteins? Researchers are investigating this in a new project that, with the help of groundbreaking analysis methods, will ensure that the plant drinks of the future have the best possible nutritional quality.


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