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The Carlsberg Foundation

2019.11.29 | Public / media, Staff

The Carlsberg Foundation awards grants to 12 researchers from Science and Technology

A total of 134 outstanding researchers have received grants from the Carlsberg Foundation, of whom 12 are from Science and Technology. The grants are for basic research based on the researchers' own visionary, creative ideas.

Selin Kara (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Søren Ulstrup (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Jonas Elm (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Kasper Green Larsen (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Peter Refsing Andersen (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Artan Sheshmani  (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)

2019.11.20 | Public / media

Six Sapere Aude research leaders from Science and Technology

This week, the Independent Research Fund Denmark awarded a total of DKK 208 million to 35 excellent Sapere Aude research leaders. And six of these extraordinarily talented young researchers are from Science and Technology.

[Translate to English:] Foto: Ida Jensen, AU Foto

2019.11.04 | Public / media, Staff

Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (DCA): Study of five years' reports reveals unsatisfactory situation

A review of reports from the DCA over the past five years shows among other things that the role and contribution of external parties in collaboration have been inadequately declared in a number of the reports. Three reports have serious omissions. The researchers stand firm on their research. Full transparency for collaboration with industry is…