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Grants for wild ideas

VILLUM Experiment has just awarded grants to a number of researchers, who each represent innovative approaches to their research areas, and who can now test their courageous and strange technical and scientific research ideas. At Aarhus University, nine researchers received a total of DKK 17.8 million.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, is the maxim at Villum Experiment. The purpose of the programme is to find and fund very special technical and natural science research projects that challenge the norm and have the potential to change the world and our knowledge of the world.

This is how the VILLUM FOUNDATION explains the background for the grants that have just been awarded to researchers at Danish universities.

This year, a total of nine researchers from Aarhus University have received grants totalling DKK 17.8 million.

At TECH, four researchers have each received approx. DKK 2 million. The grants will run for up to two years.

The recipients are:

Assistant Professor Jacopo Catalano, Department of Engineering, received DKK 1.8 million for his Electrochemical Hydrogenation of biO-crude (ELHYOs) project.

Associate Professor Jakob Juul Larsen, Department of Engineering, received DKK 2 million for the project "Surface NMR with long excitation pulses -technicality or game changer?"

Researcher Mette Vestergard, Department of Agroecology, received DKK 2 million for her project "Transfer of biochemical defence between plant species".

Researcher Rumakanta Sapkota, Department of Environmental Science, received DKK 2 million for his project "Mycoviruses: A hitherto unknown member of the Soil food web".

Read more about the grant and about this year's award on the VILLUM FOUNDATION website (external link)