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Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture recalls beef report

The DCA - the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture and the authors of a report on the climate impact of beef have decided to recall the report, as it does not live up to the university's standards for arm's length and independent research. The academic content of the report is to undergo an independent international assessment by peer review.

In light of the intense debate and criticism, and in agreement with the authors, the DCA has decided to recall the report entitled "The climate impact of beef and veal through the entire value chain compared with nutrition aspects in different dietary patterns". 

"Questions may be asked about the report’s  arm’s length from business interests, among other things because business partners have been able to provide input and comments during the writing of the report and the press release. This does not meet university standards concerning independent research, good research practices and research communication. Therefore, we’ve decided to recall the report. We cannot accept that such issues bring the integrity of the university into question, and our procedures will now be tightened up. As the report does not live up to our normal standards of arm's length, we will return the funding granted by Kvægafgiftsfonden," says Niels Halberg, director of DCA.

"We still stand by the research and its results, even though it fails to meet the arm's length principle. The best response to the academic criticism is to have international researchers review our methods and results via peer review," says Niels Halberg.

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