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Dean on the new Tech strategy: "Together, we will make a green, digital impact."

Through research and education, the Faculty of Technical Sciences will continue to create fertile ground for an even greener and even more digital transformation of society. This is part of the main message in the strategy, which is now in place, and which in the years up to 2025 will set the direction for the faculty.

In future, Technical Sciences will continue its work as a collaborative and solution-oriented faculty, fuelled by creating green transition and digital impact in society. In the new strategy for Technical Sciences, the faculty has set its course towards 2025. The strategy focuses on green solutions and the digital transformation of society says Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen.

"The faculty's disciplines transcend the climate, the environment, agriculture, nature and technological solutions within both teaching and public sector consultancy, and this means that we attract great political and societal attention. The surrounding world has high expectations for our research, consultancy, and study programmes - and our students. As a green and collaborative faculty, we have to be able to deliver on all parameters, and this is both exciting and challenging," the Dean stresses.

The strategy has been drawn up taking outset in supporting the AU Strategy 2025, and it consists of an overall ambition and four benchmarks for Tech.

Four strategic benchmarks

The aim of the strategy is to help fulfil the vision to continue as a research-intensive faculty. Technical Sciences will strive to deliver education and research of the highest international quality and to excel at creating value for society through knowledge and insight into the public sector, and through different collaborations, both nationally and globally.

"Our strategy anticipates a mission-oriented approach to our work with respect to research, consultancy and degree programmes, through joint efforts across departments, deans and the future living labs. The upcoming agenda for the green transition in the coming years is too big to be thought of as separate tasks. For this reason, Tech proposes broad and durable collaboration," says Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen.

The Dean points out that the overall ambition is for Tech to be a collaborative and solution-oriented faculty that makes a green, digital impact on society. The faculty's strategy will be fulfilled through four benchmarks:

  1. Prioritisation and development of new partnerships and other collaborations
  2. Recognised research, stronger entrepreneurship, talent development and public sector consultancy
  3. Meeting our students at their level
  4. Joint responsibility for openness, collaboration, co-ordination and development with trust and respect for each other

The dean stresses that, taking outset in the four benchmarks, the faculty will seek out and develop opportunities to generate knowledge and know-how for international society:

"The Faculty of Technical Sciences is extremely strong with regard to   delivering solutions to the challenges society is increasingly having to cope with. From the very start, Tech has taken outset in interaction with the surrounding world as the best way to support the many transformations facing society and business.  It's also paramount that we meet our students at their level. We educate the workforce of the future, and we must constantly be in dialogue with students, and have a sense for their wishes, demands and ambitions for the future," says the dean, and he continues: "They’re our future, and their competences are in unprecedented demand."

An exciting 2022 awaits

According to Eskild Holm Nielsen, an exciting 2022 awaits the faculty:

"We will look at the possibilities for AU to establish a consolidated national education campus for agricultural sciences and food production, and a new veterinary degree programme in Foulum. There are also new academic research centres in the pipeline, and this underpins the strength of our academic environments, our close collaboration internally and externally, and our international profile," he says, and continues:

"Technical Sciences can and will bring into play our broad knowledge about green technological solutions, the environment, agriculture and food, and much more, and we have solid opportunities to move closer to the needs of the outside world. A number of initiatives have already been taken, including the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO2 Research Centre, which, starting this year, will outline the contours of the future.  Activities at the faculty are based on decades of hard work and, in collaboration with the rest of AU, with Denmark and as a globally oriented partner, I see this strategy as the starting point for us to raise our potential even further," concludes Eskild Holm Nielsen.

Click here to watch a video with Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen, in which he elaborates and explains more about the faculty's strategy.

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