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Plant2Food’s first call round: Are you joining?

The collaboration platform Plant2Food aims to accelerate the development of plant-based foods. The platform runs its first call round until 30 August 2023. You can now check out the first ideas for projects in the online universe – and you can still contribute to them or apply for funding for your own project.

During this Spring, Plant2Food has facilitated a line of events where researchers and companies have met across value chain links to spur new ideas for collaboration and research projects that can help accelerate the development of new plant-based foods. The process has resulted in a line of specific ideas for research projects which are all described in Plant2Food’s online universe, ready for new collaboration partners.

Examples of projects posted on the online universe are:

  • Plant nutritional Impacts on food quality
  • Nutrient Database for Plant-Based Ingredients 
  • Map functional property diversity
  • Pesticide-free production of raw food commodities 
  • Data and testing on plant-based nutrients and proteins
  • Environmental Impacts on leguminous crop quality

Do you have an idea for a project, or do you want to join in on the already drafted projects? Sign up for Plant2Food’s online universe and check out the many ways to collaborate – or apply for funding for your own project in Plant2Food’s first call round, which ends 30 August 2023.
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