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Nine researchers from Tech receive share in green IRFD funding

The Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD) has awarded DKK 280 million to 55 green research ideas, 15 of which are from Aarhus University. Nine projects from the Faculty of Technical Sciences have received a total of DKK 43.9 million.

This article is partly based on press material from the IRFD

Fifteen green AU projects have received funding from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD). The IRFD has awarded a total of DKK 280 million to 55 outstanding research projects. The aim is to provide talented researchers with financial backing to make new research breakthroughs in areas such as climate and the environment.

All research areas that can contribute to the green transition were welcome to apply for funding from the thematic research pool, and the 55 research ideas were selected by the IRFD Green Transition Committee, which consists of 20 Danish and international researchers.

Søren Rud Keiding, professor at Aarhus University, who chaired the green transition committee for the second consecutive year says:

"It's good to see collaboration across many so disciplines to solve a major social problem. It’s also important that we fund many smaller research projects. This will help ensure that we have diversity in our approach to solving climate challenges."

The grant recipients at Aarhus University are:


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