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Newly appointed professor with focus on the agriculture of the future

The Department of Bioscience can now present Chris Topping, who is taking on a new professorship in socio-ecological modelling. The professorship focuses on developing computer models to shed light on how land use and food production in agriculture affects nature and the environment.

Chris Topping has been working with complex, individual-based ecological modelling for more than 25 years, and he is head of the Social-Ecological Systems Simulation Centre (SESS) at the Department of Bioscience, which coordinates a wide network of researchers and projects throughout Europe.

The centre uses complex computer simulations of the interplay between nature and human activity to analyse and predict the impacts of land use, especially in agricultural landscapes.

The centre is involved in a large number of European projects, and it works to shed light on important questions about land use, the use of pesticides, agricultural operations, and what food-production planning means for the environment and nature, and the people who live there.

"I'm very much looking forward to further developing the work and the results already achieved by the very talented and dedicated employees at SESS. I hope that our results have a strong impact on future regulation of the environment and nature area in the EU and in Denmark. However, we’re equally engaged in the new, basic science results from the centre on the resilience of populations in complex systems," says Professor Chris Topping in connection with his appointment. Read more about the Social-Ecological Systems Simulation Centre (SESS) here.

Professor Chris Topping,
Department of Bioscience,
Aarhus University,
Tel. no.: +45 87158845
Email: cjt@bios.au.dk