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Open house at AU Viborg

AU Viborg will host an open house event on Saturday 2 March. Prospective students can hear about the new degree programmes, get a sense of the unique study environment, learn more about job opportunities and get to know Viborg as the place to study.

There will be ample opportunity to learn more about the three new degree programmes in Animal Science, Plant and Food Science and Veterinary Medicine when Aarhus University invites interested students to an open house event at AU Viborg on Saturday 2 March.

“At the event, prospective students will be able to get a sense of the study environment we’re building on campus. They’ll have an opportunity to hear about the integrated teaching model that will characterise our new programmes, where we’ll be integrating theory with practice on all three of our new programmes. This is possible because students at AU Viborg will be close to the research environment and close to animals and plants — they’ll become part of the everyday life we all share here on campus,” says Charlotte Lauridsen, head of the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at AU Viborg.

During the open house, visitors will be able to attend presentations about the three new degree programmes, join a tour of the campus or have a chat with the Student Counsellors' Office, other students from similar degree programmes or advisors from Karriereby Viborg to learn more about what Viborg has to offer.

Learn more about the new degree programmes at U-Days

You can also hear about the three new degree programmes at AU Viborg when the U-Days event returns to Aarhus campus on 22, 23 and 24 February. There will be online presentations of the programmes on 22 February. You can also attend an in-person presentation of the new programmes in Animal Science, Plant and Food Science, Veterinary Medicine and Biology on 24 February.

Another option to find out about the three new programmes is to stop by our booth at U-Days.