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Rasmus Ejrnæs named as Denmark's Best Nature Communicator 2022

Rasmus Ejrnæs, a senior researcher at the Department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University, has won the Danmarks Bedste Naturformidler 2022 award (Denmark's Best Nature Communicator 2022). The award was presented at this year's People’s Festival of Nature (Naturmødet), which took place in Hirtshals on 19-21 May.

Rasmus Ejrnæs receives the award as Denmark's Best Nature Communicator 2022 at this year's edition of The People’s Festival of Nature. Photo: Naturmødet

The 2022 award for Denmark's Best Nature Communicator 2022 was presented to Rasmus Ejrnæs, who is also well-known as the host of the radio programme Vildspor and is an active and passionate communicator of nature and biodiversity.

The judges write in their reasons for presenting the award to Rasmus Ejrnæs:

"This year's award winner is reasonably calm about provoking people enough to make their emotions boil over.

For example, should there be space for large wild animals in Danish ecosystems? To answer such questions, you have to be sure of your facts and data and you should preferably have conducted actual research in the field. So it's not without reason that this year's award winner was one of the most cited researchers in Denmark last year."

Read the jury's full reasoning (in Danish) >>

Facts about the award

The award for Denmark's best ranger was presented during the People’s Festival of Nature 2022 event, together with a cheque for DKK 10,000. The jury consisted of Jakob Walløe Hansen, chair of the Danish Rangers´Association and head of communication and teaching at Geopark Odsherred, Jeanett Kaare, director, partner and creative communicator at the advertising company Weltklasse, and Brian Ravnborg, chair of Biologiforbundet and educational consultant at the Centre for Teaching Resources at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN).