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Larger intake: The faculty has been allocated more student places

More students are to have the opportunity to study a technical-scientific degree programme at Aarhus University, and after the summer holidays, 231 more applicants will be able to take one of the new student places at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

A total of 231 additional study places are being offered on the technical science degree programmes at the Faculty of Technical Sciences after the summer holidays. This follows an announcement from the government and the Danish Parliament to establish more student places at Danish universities in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Politicians expect that the crisis will encourage more young people to apply for a higher education programme because they cannot take their planned year out.

The additional places are within subject areas with a high demand for graduates and from which students can contribute to the green transition.

The places for MSc in engineering students are divided into Biotechnology (12), Chemical Technology (16), Electrical Engineering (12), Computer Engineering (30), Civil and Architectural Engineering (15). Agrobiology has 15 extra study places, and the places for the Bachelor of Engineering programmes are distributed between Biotechnology (4), Civil and Architectural Engineering (15), Building Design (20), Electronics (8), Software Technology (30), Mechanical Engineering (30), Electrical Power Technology (6), Health Technology (5), Chemistry (Chemical Engineering) (6) and Chemistry and Food Technology (7).

Requirements relaxed

The extra student places come at the same time as the admission requirements for 11 technical-scientific BSc and BScEng degree programmes are relaxed. In 2020, the requirement for a 7.0 examination average and 7.0 in the qualifying courses has been lowered to 6.0 examination average and 6.0 in the qualifying courses on the following programmes:

  • Agrobiology
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering (Bachelor - MScEng)
  • Civil and Structural Engineering (BScEng)
  • Building Design (BScEng)
  • Computer Engineering (Bachelor - MScEng)
  • Electrical Power Engineering (BScEng)
  • Electronics (BScEng)
  • Electrical Engineering (Bachelor - MScEng)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BScEng)
  • Mechanics (Bachelor and MScEng)
  • Software Technology (BScEng)