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Tech at Folkemødet – Denmark's Political Festival

The food of the future, Danish waters, climate, defence, health and the green transition of the building industry are some of the topics researchers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences at Aarhus University will be debating at this year’s Folkemødet – Denmark's Political Festival. Join us as we debate the impact of technology on society.

The research vessel Aurora will be moored in the same place as always (H6). This year, the Tech Tent has a new location on Strandvejen in Allinge (B1). And we can also be found at the CarbonForum Tent (G11). Photo: AU Foto.

Researchers from Aarhus University will participate in this year's Folkemødet –Denmark’s Political Festival to focus on a wide range of current societal and political topics. A number of researchers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences (Tech) will participate in debates and talks on topics such as health, climate, carbon storage, building design, defence technology, water and the sea.

This is all happening on the research vessel Aurora (H6), in the Tech Tent (B1) and in the CarbonForum Tent (G11).

Among other things, we will discuss the overlooked role of water technology in solving the climate crisis. Denmark has been a leader in this area for decades, but that position is under pressure, and the question is whether Denmark should continue being a leader, and if so, what will it take? We will also talk about how we change the way we build. Today, the building industry accounts for as much as 38 per cent of global carbon emissions. Therefore, it is crucial that in the future we build in a way that helps regenerate the planet and does not exceed planetary boundaries.

In the opening debate in the Tech Tent on Thursday 13 June, we will also talk about the role of universities in the battle against climate change with the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Lars Aagaard, among others. Eskild Holm Nielsen, the dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences at Aarhus University will also take part in the debate:

"I’m looking forward to opening the debate in the engineers' tent and to some exciting days on Bornholm. We have a wide range of current topics on the agenda, including on Aurora, Aarhus University's research vessel, which will be berthed in Allinge Harbour during Denmark's Political Festival. I’m looking forward to debating and discussing with decision-makers and organisations, and I’m hoping for a large turnout," he says.

Researchers from Tech will participate in a wide range of talks and debates at Denmark's Political Festival, and you can read more about them here.

As always, the Tech Tent will offer more than just debates, opinions and political topics. You can try out several different technologies, and around the festival our researchers will participate in events that can put other perspectives on some of the world's major challenges.

For example, we are putting the food of the future under the microscope for an entertaining and informal political talk about meat, plants and Danish food culture. Together with politicians and players in the food industry, our researchers will talk about what the green transition can and should taste like.

The research vessel Aurora will be moored in the same place as always. This year, the Tech Tent has a new location on Strandvejen in Allinge. The tent has been organised by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, IDA, Engineer the Future and Aarhus University. The CarbonForum Tent is also new this year.

We look forward to interesting debates and talks at Denmark's Political Festival and we hope you will join us.