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Two new Villum Young Investigators at Tech

Two talented researchers from the Faculty of Technical Sciences have each received DKK 6 million from the Villum Young Investigator programme under the VILLUM FOUNDATION. Congratulations to Jo Philips from the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering and Pourya Forooghi from the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering.

The Villum Young Investigator programme has just named the 22 researchers within technical and natural sciences research who have been awarded grants to pursue their ideas and build their own research groups. Two of the recipients this year are affiliated with the Faculty of Technical Sciences:

Pourya Forooghi from the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering has receive DKK 6 million for the project: Heat and bubble transport over complex solid surfaces

Project description: Green hydrogen production is an example of gas-producing electrochemical systems where the accumulation of gas bubbles on complex solid surfaces, e.g. solid foams, leads to serious loss of efficiency. The project aims to generate fundamental knowledge on the behaviour of non-isothermal bubbly flows in solid foams and develop modelling tools essential for the design of such systems. The grant will make it possible to recruit one PhD student and two postdocs, and to purchase equipment.

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Jo Philips from the Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering has received DKK 6 million for the project: Some-like-it-low: Microbial H2 consumption at low levels as explanation for electrotrophy

Project description: Electrotrophs are microbes with the extraordinary capacity to feed on steel and electrodes. This project will unravel the mechanism of electrotrophy by investigating whether low levels of H2 act as an intermediate in this process. Some-like-it-low will generate new fundamental knowledge, which will contribute to the development of microbial electrochemical technologies, as well as tools to overcome microbial corrosion. This project will fund one PhD student, one postdoc and an international collaboration.

About the Villum Young Investigator programme

The programme is aimed at early career researchers so they can create the best possible framework for pursuing the ideas they are passionate about. The grants can be used to build research groups and appoint more young researchers (postdocs and PhD students) to help carry out research projects. As part of the programme, researchers have an opportunity to join a research community with networks and seminars on topics such as research management.

The VILLUM FOUNDATION will open its call for applications on 29 March 2023. The application deadline is 8 June 2023.

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