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Strategic partnerships at Technical Sciences

A strategic partnership offers many opportunities for long-term and valuable collaboration between your enterprise and our researchers.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences wants to establish long-term strategic partnerships with selected national and international partners.

Strategic partnerships can be concluded with companies, organisations and government agencies and institutions, and they usually run over several years. The agreement has to help the partners develop close collaboration on research, education and innovation, etc.

Ongoing development opportunities

One element in the agreement is that the partners regularly meet at management level to take stock of the existing collaboration, and identify any new opportunities for collaboration that may arise.

If you can see potential in entering into a strategic partnership with us, contact the Faculty's business liaison officer to find out more.

Strategic collaboration on world-class talents

The pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and Aarhus University entered into a collaboration agreement in 2016 to strengthen research and development of protein technology. A total of nine PhD students will be offered a three-year research scholarship, will take place in the leading technological research environments at Aarhus University and in Novo Nordisk’s research and development department in Måløv.