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Society needs engineers and technological development

Engineering initiative

The Danish business community needs more engineers, and demand is expected to increase in the years to come. At the same time, society is demanding technical-scientific solutions to the world's major challenges.

Aarhus University is committed to educating more engineers and to ensuring more technical-scientific research in order to meet the needs of society. This is being done through a targeted engineer initiative, adopted in the AU ENGINEERING 2025 plan in 2016.

Up to 2025, Aarhus University has earmarked DKK 113 million to:

  • Strengthen recruitment to Bachelor of Engineering programmes, in part by launching new study programmes in Aarhus and Herning
  • Strengthen recruitment to MSc in Engineering programmes by establishing new MSc-BSc in Engineering programme pathways within the classical engineering specialisations.
  • Develop the technical-scientific environments to the highest international standard through targeted recruitment of teaching staff and researchers.

Read more about AU's engineering degree programmes at ingenioer.au.dk

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