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Student projects and internships

Through collaboration with a student, your company can acquire new knowledge and opportunities to shape the workforce of the future.

If your company has a specific issue an industrial collaboration project or an internship for a student may be an option. Collaboration with a student typically spans a semester (6 months). The industrial collaboration project or the internship is agreed with the student and an internship supervisor.

The industrial collaboration project or the internship should be based on an academic issue, and fit into the student's course of study in order to contribute to the student's learning.

Find a student now

If you already know which profile you are looking for, you can go directly to Aarhus University's job and project bank and look for students.

If you need a long-term or more in-depth project, collaboration with a PhD student may also be an option.

Contact persons at the departments

Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Keld Lars Bak

Deputy Head of Department

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Per Lysgaard

Deputy Head of department for education

Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Martin Heide Jørgensen

Deputy Head of Department - Education, Professor (Docent)

Department of Agroecology

Department of Ecoscience

Department of Food Science

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Department of Environmental Science