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Anne Sofie Lansø


Senior Researcher

Primary affiliation

Anne Sofie Lansø

Areas of expertise

  • numerical modelling
  • land surface modelling
  • local scale atmospheric modelling
  • climate
  • air quality

Contact information

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A scientific emphasis has throughout my education and early career been put on anthropogenic influence on natural systems via air quality matters, changing climate, vegetation dynamics and carbon and nitrogen cycles. In addition, all my work has revolved around numerical models, continuously strengthening my technical portfolio of programming languages and experience in handling and analysing big data in the form of model inputs and outputs. I hope through high-level scientific research to contribute with scientific findings that will guide evidence-based decision making.  

Teaching activities

I am responsible for the training course in OML-Multi – a local atmospheric dispersion model used for regulatory purposes concerning air quality and odour from industry and husbandry. The course normally takes place two times a year.


I have contributed to several advisory projects for different public institutions in Denmark with my expertise in local atmospheric dispersion and boundary layer dynamics. The focus of these projects is on air quality assessments.   

Selected publications

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