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Dean's Secretariat at Technical Sciences

The Tech Faculty Secretariat supports the faculty with:

  • Management services for the faculty leadership and advising the dean's office on research, talent and career development, collaboration with external partners, government relations, and education, as well as legal advice.
  • Project management of AU Viborg, Start, and Water KIC.
  • Supporting the dean's office and faculty leadership in press inquiries, strategic communication and leadership communication, as well as the departments in relation to recruitment and research dissemination.
  • Tech Research Support coordinates and supports research assistance to the departments at Tech.

You are welcome to contact us - our contact information is provided below. The list is continuously updated.


Mie Lundgaard

  • Head of Secretariat
  • Chief Adviser


Phone: 28 99 60 30

Bodil Løck Møller

  • Assintant management


Jette Laursen

  • Chief Secretary for the Dean and the Dean's Office
  • Dean's Office Meetings (Secretariat)

Phone: 23 46 21 55

Connie Havmose

  • Secretary for the Dean's Office
  • Faculty Leadership Meetings (Secretariat)
  • FSU (Secretariat)


Phone: 93 50 90 58


Marie Oue Hansen

Thomas Plesner