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Administration centre Nat-Tech

Administration Centre Nat-Tech provides administrative support to both the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

The administration centre manager is responsible for ensuring coherence between the administrative services provided by the administration centre, and plays a key role in collaboration between the two dean, the dean’s offices and the faculties' departments and centres. The administration centre manager reports directly to the university director.

The administrative staff carry out tasks related to the faculties, including the day-to-day running of the departments and centres. The administration centre provides support for the faculties in the areas of HR, estates facilities, finance, IT, studies administration and PhD administration.

Administration Centre Nat-Tech has several geographical locations: Aarhus, Foulum, Roskilde, Silkeborg, Kalø and Flakkebjerg.

Heaf of Administration

Gertrud Lindberg Tefre

Administration Centre Manager

Deputy Administration Manager

Administrative units in Administration centre Nat-Tech

Nat-Tech Finance

Head of division

Nat-Tech Estate Facilities

Head of division

Nat-Tech IT Support

Head of division

Knud Møller

Division Manager/Head of Secretariat

Nat-Tech HR

Head of division

Nat-Tech Studies Administrations

Head of division

Kim Kusk Mortensen

Head of Studies Administration

Nat-Tech PhD Administration