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Ole Hertel

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More than 30 years experience as researcher in air pollution and its effects on environment, climate and health. Includes development and application of air pollution models with focus on human exposure to air pollution and associated health effects as well as determining atmospheric loadings of nature and associated impact on biodiversity. In recent years focus has to a high extent been on developing, testing and applying low-cost sensors for air pollution measurements.

Teaching activities

My teaching phylosophy builds on dialog rather than monolog, and on focus on reflection among recievers. Have mainly been teaching within atmospheric and environmental chemistry, as well as air pollution and its effects on environment, climate and health, but also on various interdisciplinary courses. Teacher on courses and single lectures at five Danish universities (AU, KU, DTU, SDU and RUC), peoples university and various high schools and elementary schools, and guest lecturer on foreign universities, teaching institutions and also companies. Supervisor on post doc and PhD and occationally also MSc studies, and opponent on PhD, MSc, BSc theses as well as single courses.


Participation in national and international boards, councils, panels and steering groups, as well as compiling and quality controling monitoring and surveilance reports, and notes. Chair for Forum for Arctic Research (FAF) under Agency for Education and Research, member of Forum for Science based public sector advisory (FFM) under Danish Universities, and chair for steering group for Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM). Advisory tasks for EU, Danish parliament, regions, municipalties, ministries and agencies, but also companies in relation to effects of air pollution on health, nature and climate. Advisor of companies in relation to test and application of low-cost sensors for measuing air pollution.

Job responsibilities

Vice dean with responsibilty for science based advisory and buisnes collaboration within food, agriculture, technical science as well as environment and biodiversity. Furthermore my working area covers research and advisory with the arctic area, as well as responsibilty for quality assurance system for science base advisory.

Selected publications

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