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Janne Fritt-Rasmussen


Senior Researcher, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Primary affiliation

Janne Fritt-Rasmussen

Areas of expertise

  • Arctic environment
  • Oil spill response
  • Environmental impacts
  • Green/CO2 neutral fuels
  • Environmental impact assessments

Contact information

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I am a senior researcher and environmental engineer and interested in the environment and how environmental impacts from man-made activities can be reduced. I have worked and researched in Denmark, Norway and Greenland - with a primary focus on Arctic conditions and organisms.


Experience within Arctic environmental research, for nearly 20 years. Participated in Arctic field trials involving oil spill response as well as fieldwork on impact studies on Arctic species. Conducted a large amount of laboratory experiments as part of national and international research projects. Latest focusing on the new fuels entering the marketed including low sulphur fuel oils as well as green fuels and their possible environmental impacts.


Consultancy to the Greenlandic authorities regarding environmental aspects of the mineral exploitation activities in Greenland. 

Job responsibilities

Senior researcher with areas of work within environmental effects from mining, oil spills, green fuels, regional background studies etc

Selected publications

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