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Leanne Peixoto



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Leanne Peixoto

Areas of expertise

  • Carbon and nitrogen dynamics
  • SOM formation and persistence
  • Mitigating GHG emissions
  • Microbial ecology
  • Legume-based carbon stabilization

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I am an agroecologist and a classically trained biologist born in Canada with previous work ranging from field entomology to bioinformatics. My current research interests are targeted toward the stabilization and persistence of SOM by the inclusion of legumes in cropping systems. This is coupled with challenging the double-edged sword of legume cropping by understanding the environmental controls on N2O production within these systems.


Mitigation techniques to offset CO2 and N2O emissions.

Soil organic matter formation and persistence in agricultural subsoils.

Leguminous inclusion to stabilize subsoil carbon.

Microbial ecology of carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil.

Advanced isotopic techniques with 14C/13C/15N triple labeling. 

Compound-specific stable isotope probing.

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