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Niels Halberg



Primary affiliation

Niels Halberg

Areas of expertise

  • farming systems
  • environmental indicators and LCA
  • Food Systems
  • science based advice

Contact information

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I coordinate European projects in support of the HE Mission soil (Prepsoil, Nati00ns) and the chair the board of programme managers of the EU partnership on climate and soil, EJPSoil. 

I lead activities aiming at developing and aligning methods and principles for science advice in the HE Partnerships Agroecology and FutureFoodS and in the CSA FoodPaths. 

I am co-lead of the SCAR SWG FOOD. 


I have the overall responsibility for DCA/AUs science based advice to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, other public authorities and private customer in the wider area of Food and Agriculture. Together with DCAs staff we facilitate the involvement of competent scientific staff in providing science based advice and the quality assurance. We negotiate and follow up on DCA/AUs contracts on advice. We also communicate and disseminate the results of advisory tasks. 

I also coordinate trans-European initiatives to collaborate on science advice. 

Selected publications

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