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Trine Bilde


Professor, Centre Director

Primary affiliation

Trine Bilde

Areas of expertise

  • Behavioural Biology and Ethology
  • Evolution and Ecology
  • Genetics
  • Population Biology
  • Selection

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I am a researcher in evolutionary ecology and genetics and I am interested in group living, cooperation and mating systems, genomic consequences of sociality and inbred mating systems, genetic and non-genetic processes involved in adaptation. I am a professor and center leader of the Center for Ecological Genetics (EcoGenetics) at the Department of Biology. Here we investigate the relationship between genetic diversity and functional responses. We aim to predict the future distribution and performance of insects and the maintenance of population genetic diversity and to provide tools to develop effective management practices in the face of ongoing global change.


Currently leadying "The missing link: unraveling the role of genetic variation of beneficial arthropods in agro-ecosystems" prject - granted from Novo Nordisk Foundation as part of their ‘Challenge Programme 2020.

This 6 year international research project investigates the population genetic consequences of the dramatic declines observed in insect diversity and abundance, and the potential consequences for their ability to perform ecosystem services such as pollination and natural pest control

Selected publications

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