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Shubiao Wu


Associate Professor, PhD

Primary affiliation

Shubiao Wu

Areas of expertise

  • Wetlands
  • Wetland Biogeochemistry
  • Nature based solutions
  • New pathways of GHGs emission
  • Carbon cycling in wetlands

Contact information

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What is the role of wetlands in fighting climate change? Shubiao is a distinguished researcher in the field of wetlands and wetland biogeochemistry, with a focus on nature-based solutions for environmental challenges. With expertise in nitrogen and carbon cycling, as well as exploring new pathways of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation strategies, Shubiao has made significant contributions to the understanding of these critical environmental processes.

Teaching activities

Shubiao has cultivated a PhD course on wetlands that not only imparts knowledge but also inspires a deep appreciation for the critical role of wetlands in environmental sustainability.


Shubiao has established Danish national and international collaborations, particularly through the coordinated Horizon Europe project, which exemplifies a commitment to advancing wetlands research through interdisciplinary cooperation and strategic international partnerships.

Selected publications

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