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Contact about public sector consultancy

You are always welcome to contact Technical Sciences if you want to know more about public sector consultancy.

Contact the faculty:

Vice-Dean for public sector consultancy and business collaboration

Kurt Nielsen

Vice-Dean Dean's Office, Technical Science

Advisor for public sector consultancy

Thomas Plesner

Advisor Dean's Office, Technical Science - The Secretariat, Technical Sciences

Contact the national centres:

Director of DCE

Hanne Bach

Director DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

Director of DCA

Niels Halberg

Director DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture

Contact the departments:

Department of Agroecology

Jørgen Eriksen

Section Manager Professor Department of Agroecology - Soil Fertility

Department of Food Science

Ulla Kidmose

Associate professor Department of Food Science - Food Quality Perception & Society

Department of Engineering

Tavs Nyord

Senior Advisor Department of Engineering - Air Quality Engineering, Finlandsgade 12

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Mogens Sandø Lund

Centre Director, Professor Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics

Department of Bioscience

Annette Baattrup-Pedersen

Senior Researcher Department of Bioscience - Catchment Science and Environmental Management

Department of Animal Science

Lene Munksgaard

Professor Department of Animal Science - ANIS Welfare

Department of Environmental Science

Anne Winding

Senior Researcher Department of Environmental Science - Environmental Microbiology and Circular Resource Flow