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Morten Frederiksen


Professor, PhD, DSc

Primary affiliation

Morten Frederiksen

Areas of expertise

  • Seabird ecology
  • Population ecology
  • Demographic modelling
  • Movement ecology

Contact information

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The overarching focus of my research is an attempt to understand, and if possible predict, changes in seabird populations. I work with both population modelling based on demographic data, and with the underlying mechanisms and causes. The latter part is largely based on tracking of bird movements using electronic data loggers, and analyses of their behaviour. My research is based both in the Arctic – mainly Greenland – and in Denmark.

Teaching activities

I am not currently involved in teaching as such, and my main contribution to the development of new researcher talents is through my role as supervisor and as member of our department PhD programme committee. In the past, I have taught on courses in Wildlife Ecology and Management, and I occasionally give public lectures.


I have a very extensive network of collaborators within seabird ecology, including researchers and organizations in all countries around the North Atlantic. In addition, I collaborate across research fields both within and outside Aarhus University, e.g. with oceanographers and marine ecologists.


I provide advice for the Danish and Greenlandic governments, as well as international organizations (OSPAR, HELCOM, ICES, AEWA, CAFF) regarding e.g. the status of seabird populations, impacts of e.g. offshore wind expansion, development of indicators, impacts of harvest and sustainable population management.

Selected publications

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