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AU Viborg – Research Center Foulum: Our green vision

AU Viborg – Research Center Foulum is Denmark's green campus, where we pave the way for the green transition through research and education. We apply research-based knowledge of soil, plants, animals, food, engineering, climate and the environment to be at the forefront of developments towards a society that sustains the earth’s resources and where nothing goes to waste.

And we are already well on the way. At AU Viborg, we turn grass into food and we turn manure into energy, we develop climate-neutral production systems, increase biodiversity, ensure animal welfare in stables and fields, and develop new plant-based foods.

We collaborate and share knowledge across disciplines in virtually every one of our study and research projects. Our close relationship with the business community and public sector authorities means our knowledge can be transformed into action. It also means our international network can provide researchers and students with an opportunity to get involved in both European and global collaborations.

At AU Viborg, we want to accelerate the green transition and train the workforce of the future as part of our contribution to the development of a carbon-neutral society and a green and healthy future for nature, humans and animals.

Three new degree programmes in 2024
Three new degree programmes will start at AU Viborg in the autumn semester in 2024. Our students will be part of a learning-oriented study environment, where theory is always linked to practice. They will also be an integrated part of the existing international and highly renowned research environment at AU Viborg.